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Growing is Hard but Worth It!

Why Should We Grow...

Every year we hear the new year, new me...however, once we are into the new year somehow, we slip back into the me that we have always been. In understanding that concept, how do we then begin the process of the "new me" we are seeking to find/develop? Take the tiny caterpillar. It begins with a worm-like creature that feeds off seeds, pollen, roots, and even fruits. Now understanding that the foods it consumed kept it alive for the state it was in at the time. However, if a caterpillar is going to evolve, it will have to consume a different diet. We are like caterpillars in the sense that what we are consuming now is okay for the state we are in, but, for us to transition to a more evolved state, we will have to begin and maintain another form as well as diet. Now when I say diet, I mean MORE THAN what you eat. Your diet is your surroundings, your nutrition, your self-talk, your intentionality too. You may be asking yourself these following questions: "why should I change", "who said I wanted to change", "how do I begin changing", "what direction do I take with this change", and "when will I know that I want to change". The simple answer is, you will know it is time to change when what you have been consuming is no longer feeding you, feeding your family, feeding your staff, and/or feeding your community. One of the words that I use often when I speak with people is "sustainability". A butterfly cannot sustain itself on a diet of seeds, roots, fruits, and even pollen because the structure of its evolution does not allow for it to consume those things. Imagine if you will, a butterfly eating seeds. Can it fly, simply put not. The reasons why are the weight of the food, the composition of the food, and the biodegradability of the food is not suited or sustainable for the butterfly's system. If you feel that you are ready for your change from being to becoming...we are here to support, you with a sustainable diet that is conducive to your evolvement!

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